Virtual fitting room

The latest styles at your finger tips. The virtual mirror allows your customers to try on many outfits without stepping into a changing room. Perfect for fashion shows, designers launches, pop up stores ……..

An exciting customer experience that is fast and convenient. Shoppers can easily mix and match trendy items showing off your fashion brand. Once a personal avatar has been created shoppers can purchase from anywhere and be shared with friends and family along with social media.

This amazing mirror is an augmented-reality based virtual fitting room system, an innovative retail and marketing solution for fashion retailers.

Virtually recreating the shopper’s body and’s skeleton based on the analysis of the height, weight, and feature points and show the 3D garment fitting simulation in real-time.

Offers essential item information, such as, price, color and available stock in one central location  to display your digital look book or as an advertisement display while in standby mode Secure Payment Solution Provide fast and safe mobile payment solutions Easily Change In and Out of Clothes Measure the customer’s body dimensions in real time and switch from one piece to another instant 3D virtual fitting without the hassle of waiting for a fitting room.

Shoppers can easily mix-and-match trendy items from various fashion brands featuring our 3D virtual fitting solution, which enables users to both create accurate personal avatars (using their own photo and body measurements) and import body data to make purchases from anywhere Provide real time 3D virtual fitting service based on accurate body measurement Share virtual fitting results via social media Save and export the body measurements and fitting results to FIT’N SHOP Fast and convenient way to browse the item and to check detailed information.

Take the Experience with You

Instantly export your experience for further mobile fitting and shopping on FIT’N SHOP